Mr. Paolo Provvisionato graduated in 1988 from the Bologna University in Mechanical Engineering with a master thesis on artificial intelligence applied to gear design. He then worked in the software industry, and in 1991 he entered the profession as patent attorney. His experience covers all areas of intellectual property law, including litigation, prosecution, and client counseling. He is a speaker and lecturer on intellectual property law topics and strategic planning. His main areas of expertise cover mechanics, controls, and software-related inventions.
European Patent Attorney, Community Trademark and Design Attorney, Italian Patent Attorney, Italian Trademark Attorney, Member of the Board of European Qualifying Examination.
Fluent in Italian, English, French, with knowledge of German and Spanish.

Ms. Laura Checcacci graduated in 2008 from Polytechnic University of Milan in Physics Engineering. She developed her master thesis during an internship at the University of California, Irvine, on the propagations of spatially modulated light in diffusive media for imaging of tissues. She joined Provvisionato & Co in 2009. She has experience in various areas of technology, including mechanical devices, solutions for construction industry, electronics and lasers.
European Patent Attorney, Community Design Attorney, Italian Patent Attorney
Fluent in Italian and English, with knowledge of Spanish and French.